General Rule

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For Students :

For Parents

An appeal  to parents

Examination and Promotion

Rules in case of Absence


Fees must be paid in advance before the 15th of each month  and thereafter a fine of Rs. 5/ will be charged. Fee will be received between 9.30am and 3.30pm.The fee card should be brought whenever the fee is paid. The Principal/Management has the right to increase the tuition fees, bus fees, term fee etc. and also to introduce any kind of additional fees even during the continuance of the academic year as and when need arises.   



Children should wear the prescribed uniform on all working days.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays :

White dress and White Canvas shoes, socks, White tie and Red belt. White Ribbons for Girls.

Not Allowed

  1. Boys should not keep their hair long or colour it.
  2. Girls should not have long nails, nailpolish or Mehendi/Wrist Bands.
  3. Supari or other chewable items should not be taken.